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Cloak Of Invisibility 5E 2024 [Disappear From Sight In DnD]

Cloak Of Invisibility 5E
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/24/2023
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Diving deep into the world of Dungeons and Dragons (D&D), it’s not uncommon to come across mystical items that create a stir in every player’s heart.

Among tons of awe-inspiring artifacts adorning this fantastical realm, the “cloak of invisibility 5e” holds a special place, casting an enchanting aura that intrigues both novices and veterans alike.

Prepare to uncover the secrets of this out-of-the-ordinary wardrobe staple that could be your ticket to unprecedented game scenarios.

Layered with myriad tales of intrigue and deception, the Cloak of Invisibility 5e offers strategies and gameplay options as limitless as your imagination.

With every step taken in its embrace, you’re not merely walking–you’re gliding through an exhilarating narrative filled with high-stakes adventures. So brace yourself as we pull back the veils shrouding this enigmatic item, begging for a grand reveal.

What Is The Cloak Of Invisibility 5E?

Entering the realm of Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll stumble across a variety of magical items, each with its unique powers. One such piece is the Cloak of Invisibility 5E. But what exactly is it?

What Is The Cloak Of Invisibility 5E?

Well, the Cloak of Invisibility is precisely what its name suggests. It’s a garment that lets you disappear from sight. Yes, that’s right.

When you pull its hood over your head, you get to step into a world unseen by others around you, an invisible figure in the landscape.

Aside from stealth or surprise attack scenarios, this item can be quite beneficial for your character during gameplay as it provides chances for creativity and strategy opportunities that wouldn’t be possible otherwise.

The region extends merely to visual invisibility; any sound or footprints could still give your position away to any keen observer.

How Good Is the Cloak of Invisibility?

In a class by itself, the “Cloak of Invisibility” sits among the highest-rated legendary items in Dungeons & Dragons 5E. Traditionally, it’s seen as just another piece of clothing, but there’s so much more to it than meets the eye.

How Good Is The Cloak Of Invisibility

Donning this magical cloak enables you to perform a host of activities without taking much heat. You embody the shadows, essentially slashing your opponents’ hit chances in half by distributing disadvantage to any attack rolls against you.

Invisible yet not invincible. Keep in mind that while you are invisible, it doesn’t make you mute, nor does it erase your footprints. Be vigilant and tread carefully when cloaked!

It refuses to discriminate between what is carried and not carried by its wearer; everything disappears from view simultaneously. This feature proves particularly useful when you want to sneak past those pesky guards with their sharp senses.

The Cloak actually adds a layer of defense and ramps up your game survival rate extensively. By making yourself an escalating daunting target for opponents, there’s less likelihood they will even choose to engage with you.

Regardless of being engaged in stealth or open combat, maintaining invisibility during an attack offers an edge that can often turn tides in your favor.

Take it from ambush situations: there’s nothing quite like having the element of surprise on your side. Similarly, if you are into strategies aligned with eavesdropping or deception, trust this cloak to be your perfect ally.

So next time, as you prepare for a difficult journey call or intricate heists and sneak attacks – remember that owning a Cloak of Invisibility is like having an ace up your sleeve. Imagine possibilities as endless as D&D realms themselves – all conjured under this one mystical hood.

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Cloak of Invisibility vs. Invisibility, Greater Invisibility, and Ring of Invisibility

Diving into the realm of invisibility in D&D 5E broadens our horizon beyond just the Cloak of Invisibility.

Cloak Of Invisibility Vs. Invisibility Greater Invisibility And Ring Of Invisibility

Let’s take a stroll down this fascinating lane and explore these variances: The Ring of Invisibility, the spell Greater Invisibility, and the classic spell Invisibility – what are they?

How do they differ from each other? And how do they measure up against our intriguing Cloak? Buckle up for this enlightening journey.

Ring of Invisibility

The Ring of Invisibility is a pretty nifty little component within D&D. When you slide this magical accessory on your finger and activate it; you become invisible as per the “Invisibility” spell delineated in the Player’s Handbook.

This renders your character practically undetectable to the visual senses, setting you up for thrilling stealth maneuvers or escapes from hairy situations.

Actions like attacking can make you visible again, depending on the Dungeon Master’s discretion. The main drawback is it’s just you who can vanish into thin air; what if your objects need hiding, too? That’s where our cloak has a leg up.

Greater Invisibility

For all its secretive charm, however, both our cloak and sneaky ring pale in comparison to the wizardly feat that is Greater Invisibility.

An elusive 4th-level illusion spell available to specific classes like Bards and Wizards, Greater Invisibility raises the invisibility game higher than ever.

It lasts for about a minute or ten roundabouts in combat time when you cast it on yourself or another creature within touch range. Yes. And an added gem attacking or casting spells no longer breaks the spell early.

Notwithstanding its brief time limit and component requirements, keep it from totally outshining our magnificent cloak whose trance works infinitely as long as it is worn and doesn’t necessarily need any spell-casting mumbo jumbo.


Stepping into the classic game changer, Invisibility is a 2nd-level illusion spell that still remains an indispensable tool in any adventurer’s magical arsenal.

It works similarly to the Ring of Invisibility, making you invisible until you choose to make an attack or cast a spell, rendering you visible again.

It may even be applied to multiple creatures if cast at higher levels. Simple but potent, it’s a reusable discretion tool with widespread availability among full casters and half-casters. Yet, it still lacks the inherent constancy of our awe-inspiring cloak.

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What does the Cloak of Invisibility do?

The Cloak of Invisibility is a magical artifact that renders the wearer completely invisible to the naked eye. This is achieved by making light waves pass through the wearer instead of reflecting off them, which is what allows us to see things.

What Does The Cloak Of Invisibility Do

This cloak provides perfect concealment and can be used to evade detection or observation, thus enabling sneaky movement, stealth, or a surprise attack on others.

Besides concealing visual detection, it may also suppress sound or scent, enhancing its user’s stealth. It doesn’t make the wearer intangible, so physical interactions could still reveal the user’s presence.

Does the Invisibility Cloak block spells?

The Invisibility Cloak primarily serves as an effective tool for concealment and does not possess the ability to block or deflect spells.

Even though one can become invisible, the wearer wouldn’t gain invincibility against magical curses, hexes, or spells.

The Cloak can effectively hide you from visual detection, but it doesn’t provide any additional protection whatsoever against magical attacks.

It means if a spell is cast in the general direction of a person under the cloak, they can still be hit and affected by it.

Who stole the Invisibility Cloak?

The Invisibility Cloak was not exactly stolen but rather borrowed without permission by Albus Dumbledore. Albus Dumbledore kept the cloak for some time when James Potter passed it to him for safekeeping.

Who Stole The Invisibility Cloak

He held onto it for longer than agreed and only returned it to Harry, James Potter’s son, years later on his first Christmas at Hogwarts.

Even though he did not inform Harry immediately why he had the cloak or that it belonged to his father, Dumbledore always intended to return it.

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FAQs About Cloak Of Invisibility 5E

What are the primary advantages of using a Cloak of Invisibility in D&D 5e?

The primary advantage is becoming undetectable to the naked eye, allowing your character to avoid attacks, successfully perform stealth missions, and sneak past enemies.

How does a Cloak of Invisibility work exactly?

This mystical item works quite simply- when you pull its hood over your head, you turn invisible until you choose to end this effect or when the cloak is removed.

Can I use the Cloak of Invisibility multiple times in a single game session?

Yes, its use is not limited by ‘charges’ or ‘times per day,’ making it an ideal item for continuous stealth strategies.

Does the Cloak of Invisibility render me entirely undetectable in D&D 5e?

No, while the cloak makes you invisible to sight, enemies can still perceive you through sound and magical means.

Can an enemy’s direct attack break the effect of my Cloak Of Invisibility?

No. Unique to this artifact, unlike usual invisibility spells or powers, your invisibility continues even if you attack or interact with objects while wearing your cloak.


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