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Javelin Of Lightning 5e Magical Weapon [Wield The Storm’s Fury]

Javelin Of Lightning 5e Magical Weapon
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/31/2023
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Immersing yourself in the mystical world of D&D, you often come across exciting items that significantly enhance your gameplay.

Among such things is the Javelin of Lightning 5e, a magical weapon with thunderous powers that add an electrifying twist to your adventures.

This exceptional item will compel you to rethink your combat strategies and invent new maneuvers that can astound even the most seasoned players.

You might be an experienced campaigner or a newbie just trudging through the initial stages of D&D; either way, understanding how to use this weapon effectively will bring about a whole new dimension to your playing style.

As with any other tool in D&D, mastering it involves a comprehensive grasp of its abilities and optimal occasions to wield it. So, let’s break down how this remarkable artifact can boost your gaming experience.

Attributes Of Javelin Of Lightning

When it comes to the Javelin of Lightning, it’s more than just a simple weapon. It’s a magical item with intricate attributes that make it an asset in your Dungeons & Dragons gameplay.

Attributes Of Javelin Of Lightning

As you grasp this weapon, you’ll discover its enchanting possibilities. Let’s delve further into its details.

Damage TypePiercing
Item RarityUncommon
PropertiesRange, Thrown

What is the Javelin of Lightning 5E?

Javelin of Lightning 5e is a magical weapon found in the treasure troves of many Dungeon & Dragons games. It appears to be a simple weapon, but when you hurl it with the utterance of a special command word, it transforms into a bolt of lightning.

What is the Javelin of Lightning 5E?

Purely destructive and highly thrilling, this item redefines how you engage in combat. The weapon is transformed into a veritable streak of electricity that cuts through air and enemies alike.

It can damage multiple foes lined up within its flight path, extending 120 feet. With this artifact at your disposal, strategy takes center stage as you learn to leverage its power.

You have to think about positioning and precision, making sure you align your enemies correctly to get maximum impact.

It executes an electrifying 4d6 lightning damage on top of regular javelin damage, making it genuinely fearsome in the hands of an experienced player.

The Javelin’s magic doesn’t fade away after use; thus, it can be picked up and used again, amplifying the thrill for D&D fans who love intense gameplay twists! Time your attacks right with this potent weapon and watch as the battlefield lights up with its power.

What Class Is Most Proficient with a Javelin of Lightning?

Imagine yourself in the middle of an intense fight, your heart pounding as you anticipate the enemy’s next move. You reach over your shoulder and draw out a weapon, not just any weapon, but the Javelin of Lightning.

What Class Is NumerousProficient with a Javelin of Lightning?

With it in your grasp, you have power that extends beyond sheer strength and strategy. But the key question here is which class can wield this weapon most skillfully?


If proficiency with a weapon is what defines who you are in D&D, then Fighters should be your go-to choice. When a Fighter gets their hands on the Javelin of Lightning, that’s when real magic happens.

Fighters carry an innate proficiency with all simple and martial weapons, making them fantastic users of this electrifying tool.

At lower levels, having such a potent ranged option enables Fighters to control whatever lies before them better than they could do with mere crossbows or longbows.

It’s not just the damage; with its special lightning effect, Fighters can easily break down hordes of enemies lined up in front of them.

Do you know what makes a Fighter wielding this magical weapon extra special? They can make multiple attacks each turn using their “Extra Attack” feature.

Now imagine landing multiple thunderous strikes on enemies lining up to face you underhandedly. Not so underhanded now, are they?

Fighters also get ‘Action Surge,’ allowing them one additional action on top of their regular action and a possible bonus action. This perk lets them harness more out of the Javelin, even during crunch moments when backup is lacking.

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While Fighters might strike you as the most feasible class for using this Javelin due to their broad-ranging proficiencies, Paladins, too, make for worthy candidates while handling this extraordinary item.

Paladins might not introduce themselves as ranged combat specialists, but give them a Javelin of Lightning, and they can render their foes powerless before they even get close.

It’s surprising how a Paladin with this weapon by their side can blend the realms of melee and ranged attacks perfectly.

What makes the Paladin truly stand out with the Javelin is their ability to smite enemies at range. Typically, Paladins would have needed a melee weapon to use their Divine Smite.

As the Javelin is considered a melee weapon for all intents and purposes until it’s thrown, they can trigger Divine Smite on ranged attacks with this magical tool.

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Barbarians possess inherent strength and fury, which, when combined with the Javelin of Lightning, can be nothing short of explosive.

For a Barbarian, this magical weapon is far more than just another hurling tool; it’s a pure reflection of their relentless fierceness.

With their natural proficiency with all simple and martial weapons, Barbarians can readily wield the javelin. They could throw it while maintaining the rage or initiating it to tame the battlefield before rushing into the remaining adversaries.

The beauty in Barbarians using this weapon lies in their raw power and endurance, which already makes them stand out in melee fights.

Having a ranged lightning attack up their sleeve broadens their combat capabilities, making them well-rounded warriors who strike fear at any distance.

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Traditionally known as lovers of music and believers in the art of persuasion, Bards might seem out of place in this list. However, they are no less effective when wielding the Javelin of Lightning.

Any unusual weapon choice like this needs an unusual handler. Though they might lack natural martial weapon proficiency – usually limiting them to lighter fare – College of Valor or Swords Bard subtypes can wield martial weapons like our Javelin here.

Using magical secrets, Bards might not have much to synergize with dishing out physical damages like other classes mentioned before.

But with creative spell choices that distract and disorient enemies or enhance your abilities, such as ‘Faerie Fire’ or ‘Greater Invisibility,’ they certainly get unique ways to unleash this weapon’s potential creatively and effectively.

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Rogues are synonymous with stealth and swift attacks that often take foes by surprise. Add a powerful artifact like this Javelin into the mix, and you have an undeniably lethal combatant ready for battle.

A rogue’s natural proficiency with simple weapons puts this javelin within their realm of expertise. Such a potent weapon expands their combat prowess beyond close-quarter stealth attacks, allowing them to dispatch enemies from a distance.

The sneak attack feature of a Rogue can’t synergize with the lightning damage from this javelin because it strictly limits finesse or ranged weapons.

But direct melee attacks with the Javelin would still allow them to add their extra Sneak Attack dice to their damage roll if they have an advantage on the attack roll or an ally within 5 feet of the target.

The availability of such deadly surprise strikes further adds to Rogue’s versatility in combat and bolsters its status as an effective Javelin of Lightning Wielder.

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Don’t be so quick to dismiss the Warlocks as mere spellcasters. Sure, their primary form of attack might revolve around spells, but when handed the Javelin of Lightning, even Warlocks can shine in the world of martial combat.

These practitioners of arcane magic have access to a wide variety of play styles, and a cleverly played Warlock can easily turn this artifact into a fearsome weapon.

The most prominent trait that gives Warlocks an edge in using this magical weapon is the Hexblade’s ability. Hexblades possess proficiency with martial weapons, which most definitely includes your trusty Javelin of Lightning.

They can also take advantage of their critical range by triggering on a 19 or 20 if they choose their target as a “hexblade’s curse” target.

They might not have a Fighter’s strength for endless encounters or a Paladin’s divine smite, but they possess something unique: Eldritch Invocation.

With the Thirsting Blade option, Warlocks can make two attacks instead of one whenever they take an attack action. Pair it with other invocations like ‘Eldritch Smite’ or ‘Lifedrinker,’ and see how incredible a Warlock becomes with every lightning bolt hurled at your foes.

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Sorcerers are known more for their inherent magical prowess than their feats in weaponry combat; it’s easy to underestimate them in martial capabilities. When it comes to the Javelin of Lightning, even Sorcerers fit into a niche role quite effectively.

While traditionally, they might lack proficiency with weapons, including our prized lightning variant here – things change with Sorcerous Origin features introducing draconic resilience that offers weapon faculties as well.

In fact, in situations where your spell slots have drained out from intense battles or strategy executions gone awry – having the Javelin by your side can turn out to be an extremely reliable backup. It keeps the enemies away and still deals substantial damage.

Another unique trait that Sorcerers bring to the table is Metamagic, a feature offering massive flexibility in spell casting. While not directly connected to a weapon like a spear, it’s never a bad thing to have multiple options up your sleeve.

In a twisted way, these unpredictable actors can manipulate their magical abilities quite seamlessly with martial exploits and effectively hold their own in battle with this electrifying 5e magical weapon.

FAQs About Javelin Of Lightning 5E

What is the damage factor of the Javelin of Lightning?

In its base form, the javelin deals 1d6 piercing damage, just like a regular javelin. When thrown with a command word, it turns into a bolt of lightning, dealing an additional 4d6 lightning damage to the target and every creature in the line.

Can you retrieve a Javelin of Lightning once thrown?

Yes, the Javelin of Lightning can be retrieved after being thrown. It does not lose its magical properties after use and can be used multiple times.

Do I have to call out the command word every time I throw it?

No, using the command word is optional. If you do not speak it before throwing it, it will act merely as an ordinary javelin.

How do you acquire a Javelin of Lightning in 5e?

Acquiring this type of magical weapon ultimately depends on your Dungeon Master’s discretion; they could include it as part of loot from monster encounters, rewards from quests or items available for purchase in magic shops.

How long is the range for throwing this magical weapon?

The Javelin of Lightning follows similar rules like any other thrown weapon – a normal range of 30 feet and up to 120 feet with disadvantage on attack roll.


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