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35 Best Ranger Spells 5E [Blend Magic With Wilderness Expertise]

best ranger spells 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/16/2024
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In the captivating world of Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition (5e), the mastery of spells can greatly determine the success of your thrilling adventures.

As a Ranger, your magical prowess is an asset that becomes indispensable in tip-toeing around traps, combating fearsome foes, and even healing wounded comrades.

Balancing both martial aptitude and magical savvy necessitates smart choices in acquiring spells. This calls for a comprehensive understanding of some of the best ranger spells 5e to level up your game.

This blog provides a concise guide on 35 top-notch ranger spells of 5e tailored to provide you with ample knowledge as you delve deeper into D&D to emerge victorious in dicey situations.

From exploration and combat to healing spells, we’ve got you covered. Each spell possesses unique capabilities all vital in fostering vitality, versatility, and unleashing devastating damage on adversaries.

By strategically choosing the right selection from this list, you will become a more efficient and terrifying force in any setting, be it hushing foes in stealth or commanding nature’s wrath.

Best Ranger Spells Of 5e

As a D&D Ranger, your spell choices are crucial for your survival and success. Let’s explore two of the best ranger spells that are not only effective but also enable you to provide value to your team in various situations.

These spells, Hunter’s Mark and Pass Without Trace are undoubtedly some of the most versatile and powerful options available for a Ranger at any level.

Hunter’s Mark

Hunter’s Mark is a first-level ranger spell that provides you with numerous tactical advantages. It allows you to choose a creature within range and mystically mark it as your quarry, thus increasing the damage you can inflict on it.

Hunter's Mark

This spell essentially lets you channel your focus onto one creature, increasing your chances of successfully hitting it with weapon attacks.

It grants you an advantage on any Wisdom (Perception) or Wisdom (Survival) check you make to find this marked creature.

Coupled with its relatively long duration (up to an hour), this spell is incredibly useful for tracking fleeing enemies or eliminating tenacious foes during prolonged battles.

Hunter’s Mark promotes a strategic fighting style and increases the chance of dealing optimal damage in any round of combat it’s a must-have in every ranger’s arsenal.

Pass Without Trace

Pass Without Trace proves its worth when stealth becomes critical. This second-level ranger spell cloaks you and your allies within range in shadows and silence, making detection considerably difficult for anyone trying to perceive your group granting everyone a +10 bonus to Dexterity (Stealth) checks.

Tracks left behind by you or affected allies cannot be traced except by magical means. This advantage persists for up to an hour as long as you maintain concentration on the spell.

This is invaluable in scenarios where sneaking past guards or infiltrating enemy territories is required. It also bodes well while escaping when confronted with overwhelmingly powerful foes.

Evade detection, leave no trace, and triumph against adversity with Pass Without Trace.

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Goodberry is a quintessential spell for Rangers who wish to provide sustenance and healing to their party.

With a single cast, the Ranger conjures a handful of berries infused with magic. Each berry, when eaten, restores one hit point, making it a valuable resource in the middle of an adventure or after a battle.

The spell’s utility extends beyond healing, as the berries can sustain a person for a day, making them essential for survival in the wilderness.

Goodberry embodies the Ranger’s role as a caretaker and survivalist, utilizing the bounty of nature to nurture and heal.

Cure Wounds

Cure Wounds is a fundamental spell in any Ranger’s arsenal, focused on mending injuries with the touch of nature’s restorative powers.

When cast, the Ranger channels healing energy into a creature, significantly closing wounds and restoring a considerable amount of hit points.

The spell’s effectiveness increases with the caster’s proficiency and power, making it a scalable tool for survival.

It’s especially valuable in combat, where quick recovery can turn the tide of battle, and out in the wild, where medical aid might be miles away.

Conjure Animals

Conjure Animals

Conjure Animals allows Rangers to summon creatures from the surrounding environment to aid in their endeavors.

The spell’s versatility is in the variety of animals one can summon, each with unique abilities and uses in various scenarios.

Whether it’s summoning wolves for combat, eagles for reconnaissance, or horses for travel, the spell reflects the Ranger’s harmony with wildlife and their ability to bend the natural world to their will.

It’s a testament to the Ranger’s role as a master of the wilderness, commanding its inhabitants as allies and protectors.


Barkskin is a protective spell that toughens the skin of its target to the strength of bark, increasing its resilience against attacks.

It’s particularly useful in situations where physical harm is imminent, such as combat or dangerous exploration.

The spell doesn’t just protect the Ranger or their allies; it also symbolizes the deep bond between the Ranger and the natural world, allowing them to borrow strength from the sturdiness of trees.

Barkskin is a reminder of nature’s enduring might and the Ranger’s ability to harness it.

Swift Quiver

Swift Quiver is a spell that quickens the Ranger’s hands and magically replenishes their ammunition, ensuring that they never run out of arrows or bolts in the heat of battle.

As the arrows fly with increased speed and precision, the spell showcases the Ranger’s prowess as a skilled marksman.

It’s an enhancement that not only bolsters their offensive capabilities but also reflects the fluidity and grace of nature’s movements.

Swift Quiver is for the Ranger who never wants to miss a moment of action and aims to be a relentless force on the battlefield.

Steel Wind Strike

Steel Wind Strike is a spell that allows Rangers to move like the wind, striking multiple opponents in a single, swift motion.

With each cast, the Ranger becomes a blur of motion, delivering deadly strikes to up to five targets within range.

The spell’s elegance and efficiency embody the Ranger’s capacity for sudden and decisive action, mirroring the unpredictable and forceful elements of nature.

It’s a powerful choice for those seeking to dominate the battlefield with speed and precision.

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Guardian of Nature

Guardian of Nature is a transformative spell that enhances the Ranger’s physical and combat capabilities by embodying the primal aspects of nature.

Guardian of Nature

Depending on the chosen form Great Tree or Primal Beast the Ranger gains different bonuses to strength, dexterity, and the ability to move through difficult terrain.

It’s a spell of empowerment, allowing the Ranger to stand tall as a protector of the wilds, drawing strength from the very essence of nature.

This spell encapsulates the Ranger’s role as a guardian, ready to defend the natural order with enhanced vigor and resolve.

Hail of Thorns

Hail of Thorns is an offensive spell that adds a burst of sharp, thorny projectiles to the Ranger’s ranged attacks.

Upon hitting a target, the thorns explode outwards, damaging not only the initial enemy but also others nearby.

The spell’s destructive nature mimics the untamed and sometimes harsh aspects of the wild, demonstrating the Ranger’s ability to harness and unleash nature’s wrath.

It’s ideal for dealing with groups of enemies, echoing the way natural predators thin out weaker members of a herd.

Ensnaring Strike

Ensnaring Strike is a spell that allows Rangers to bind their foes with vines and brambles, sprouting from the point of impact.

Once an enemy is ensnared, they are restrained and continuously damaged, reflecting the inescapable grip of nature.

This spell is not just a form of immobilization but also an embodiment of the natural world’s holding power, be it through the roots of trees or the vines in a dense forest.

For Rangers, it’s a tool for control and incapacitation, mirroring the way the wild can dominate and subdue.

Spike Growth

Spike Growth is a spell that turns the terrain into a dangerous field of sharp spikes, hindering movement and injuring those who dare to traverse it.

The spell transforms an area into a natural trap, showcasing the Ranger’s ability to manipulate the environment for defensive or tactical purposes.

It’s a manifestation of the hazardous aspects of the wild, reminding foes that nature can be a deadly adversary.

Spike Growth is for the Ranger who wishes to control the battlefield, turning the very ground enemies walk on into a weapon.

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Zephyr Strike

Zephyr Strike grants Rangers unparalleled speed and agility, akin to a swift gust of wind. Upon casting, they feel their movements become fleet and unencumbered, allowing them to dart around enemies with ease.

Zephyr Strike

The magic enhances their mobility, making their steps silent and their movements quick. This increased speed culminates in one powerful strike, significantly boosting the attack’s accuracy and damage.

The essence of the spell lies in embodying the unpredictable and swift nature of the wind, providing Rangers with the ability to strike swiftly and move gracefully, making them untouchable tempests on the battlefield.

Cordon of Arrows

A cordon of Arrows allows Rangers to plant arrows into the ground that magically sense and strike enemies within proximity.

These arrows lay dormant until a foe approaches, springing to life and targeting the intruder. The magic imbues the arrows with a vigilance similar to a predatory animal lying in wait for its prey.

It transforms a simple patch of ground into a guarded area, reflecting the Ranger’s strategic use of their surroundings to set traps and control space.

A cordon of Arrows is the perfect strategy for those wishing to fortify an area or create a defensive perimeter using the tools of their trade.

Cure Serious Wounds

Cure Serious Wounds brings profound healing to those suffering from grave injuries.

The Ranger channels potent life energy into the wounded, closing gashes, mending broken bones, and revitalizing spirits.

The intensity of the healing reflects a deep connection to the life force found in all living things, drawing on this power to restore health dramatically.

It’s a testament to the Ranger’s role as a healer and protector, able to bring allies back from the brink of death.

In times of dire need, Cure Serious Wounds is a beacon of hope and a vital resource for any adventuring party.

Lightning Arrow

Lightning Arrow transforms a regular arrow into a bolt of lightning, striking with explosive force and speed.

Lightning Arrow

Upon release, the arrow becomes a streak of electricity, dealing devastating damage to the target and splashing others nearby.

The transformation encapsulates the raw and untamed power of a storm, harnessed and directed through the Ranger’s weapon.

It’s a spell of dramatic impact, ideal for those moments when a single powerful attack can change the course of battle, symbolizing the Ranger’s ability to call upon the fierce and awe-inspiring aspects of nature.

Locate Creature

Locate Creature is a testament to the Ranger’s tracking skills, enhancing their ability to find and hunt down specific beings.

The magic provides a mental sense of the creature’s direction and distance, turning the Ranger into a relentless seeker.

This ability reflects a deep understanding of the natural world and its inhabitants, using signs and instincts to pursue quarry across any terrain.

It’s an invaluable tool for rescue missions, bounty hunting, or simply finding a lost companion, showcasing the Ranger’s role as a navigator and hunter in the wilds.

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Conjure Woodland Beings

Conjure Woodland Beings allows Rangers to call forth creatures from the forest to aid in their endeavors.

The magic summons fey creatures, each with its unique abilities and nature. These beings can serve as allies in combat, sources of information, or simply companions for the journey.

The spell reflects the Ranger’s symbiotic relationship with the woodland and its inhabitants, able to call upon these allies with respect and understanding.

It’s a powerful reminder of the Ranger’s bond with the natural world and its ability to bring forth its wonders and allies.

Freedom of Movement

Freedom of Movement bestows upon the Ranger, or an ally, an unencumbered existence, immune to restraints and hindrances.

The magic ensures that physical bonds, underwater pressure, or magical effects cannot reduce their mobility.

This freedom reflects the Ranger’s adaptability and resilience, moving through the world with ease regardless of the obstacles.

It’s a declaration of autonomy and determination, ensuring that nothing can hold back the Ranger or their companions from their chosen path.

The spell is a powerful tool for explorers and adventurers who refuse to be slowed by the binds of the world.

Flame Arrows

Flame Arrows ignite a quiver of arrows with fiery magic, causing each shot to burst into flames upon impact.

The enchantment transforms ordinary ammunition into fiery projectiles, dealing additional fire damage and potentially igniting the surroundings.

It’s a spell that echoes the destructive yet purifying aspect of fire, bringing both light and devastation in its wake.

Flame Arrows are a dramatic enhancement to the Ranger’s ranged attacks, adding a burning intensity to their assaults and lighting up the battlefield with each strike.

Feral Senses

Feral Senses heighten the Ranger’s perception to supernatural levels, allowing them to sense the presence of hidden or invisible enemies.

Feral Senses

The magic sharpens their instincts, providing an almost animalistic intuition about lurking dangers.

It’s a reflection of the Ranger’s attunement to the subtle cues of the environment, ready to react to threats unseen by others.

Feral Senses embody the wild and instinctual side of the Ranger, elevating their awareness and readiness to the peak, ensuring they are never caught off guard.

Swift Tracker

Swift Tracker magnifies the Ranger’s tracking abilities, enabling them to follow trails quickly and accurately, even at a running pace.

The magic enhances their ability to read signs, sense disturbances, and understand patterns left by their quarry.

This spell is a testament to the Ranger’s role as a master tracker, able to pursue relentlessly and efficiently.

Swift Tracker is for those who embody the spirit of the hunt, moving through the wilderness with precision and speed, ever on the trail of their target.

Nature’s Wrath

Nature’s Wrath allows Rangers to summon the raw forces of nature to ensnare and punish those who stand against them.

Vines burst from the ground at the Ranger’s command, wrapping around foes to hold them in place.

As the target struggles against the constricting vegetation, the spell serves as a reminder of nature’s omnipresence and power.

It’s particularly effective in forested or natural settings where the elements are at the Ranger’s disposal, reinforcing their role as a dominant force within the wilderness.

By invoking Nature’s Wrath, the Ranger not only restrains enemies but also demonstrates the consequence of underestimating the wild’s reach and authority.

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Plant Growth

With Plant Growth, Rangers can stimulate plants in a specific area to rapidly grow and expand, creating dense vegetation.

Whether used to enrich the land, hinder enemy movement, or create natural barriers, accelerated growth affects all plant life in the vicinity.

The lush overgrowth can turn an open field into a tangled maze or a battle site into a thicket, exemplifying the Ranger’s deep connection and influence over nature.

It’s a versatile tool, used for restoration or as a strategic advantage in combat, reflecting the Ranger’s adaptive and nurturing relationship with the natural world.

Grasping Vine

Grasping Vine summons a singular, powerful vine that snakes out from the ground, reaching for a specified creature.

Grasping Vine

Once targeted, the vine attempts to pull the creature towards it, disrupting its position and potentially dragging it into danger or away from allies.

The vine’s relentless grip and ability to control the battlefield mirrors the Ranger’s strategy of bending the environment to their will.

It’s a testament to the Ranger’s mastery over flora and their cunning use of natural elements to outmaneuver opponents in any confrontation.

Tree Stride

Tree Stride enables Rangers to step into one tree and emerge from another, effectively using the arboreal network as a pathway over considerable distances.

The ability to move between trees as if they were doorways exemplifies a deep communion with the forest and an extraordinary mobility only possible through magic.

It’s not just a means of travel but a tactical advantage in evasion or pursuit, allowing Rangers to vanish and reappear unexpectedly.

Through Tree Stride, the Ranger embodies the elusive and mysterious aspects of the woods, moving with the silence and suddenness of a breeze through the leaves.

Wind Walk

Wind Walk grants Rangers and their allies the ability to transform into gaseous forms, enabling them to fly at high speeds and drift like the wind.

Individuals can move rapidly, avoid physical harm, and access otherwise unreachable places. The transformation is more than a travel convenience.

It represents a profound attunement to the air and sky, elements just as critical to the Ranger’s domain as the earth and forests.

It’s a spell of freedom and perspective, offering a literal and figurative rise above the conventional bounds of the world.

Guardian of Faith

Guardian of Faith calls forth a spectral entity that protects a designated area. This guardian strikes at those who dare to enter its territory, serving as both a deterrent and a defender.

The ethereal figure is a manifestation of the Ranger’s commitment to safeguarding allies and locales, symbolizing their role as a sentinel.

Whether positioned to guard a camp during rest or to provide a strategic advantage in battle, the guardian represents an extension of the Ranger’s will, a steadfast ally born from conviction and magical prowess.

Wrath of Nature

Wrath of Nature allows Rangers to turn the surrounding terrain into an arsenal, animating trees, rocks, and underbrush to assail enemies.

Branches might lash out, stones hurl themselves, and grasses trip the unwary. The controlled chaos of attacking natural elements reveals the untamed and formidable side of the wilds.

As a display of dominance over both the animate and inanimate aspects of nature, the spell not only serves as a powerful offensive tool but also reaffirms the Ranger’s status as a formidable force, deeply connected and capable of commanding the earth’s wrath.

Chain Lightning

Chain Lightning permits Rangers to unleash a powerful bolt of lightning that arcs between targets, dealing devastating electrical damage.

Chain Lightning 1

The bolt’s ability to jump from one target to another makes it ideal for engaging multiple foes nearby.

By harnessing the storm’s fury, the Ranger reflects the tempestuous and unpredictable nature of the elements they’re aligned with.

It’s a display of raw power and control over the more volatile aspects of the natural world, emphasizing the Ranger’s capacity to bring the sky’s wrath down upon their enemies.

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FAQs About ranger spells 5e

What are some of the best exploration spells for a ranger in D&D 5e?

Pass Without Trace and Locate Creature are both great for exploration. The former hides tracks, making it easy to travel unnoticed; the latter allows finding specific creatures within a thousand feet.

What is the most effective healing spell a ranger can use in 5e?

The Cure Wounds spell is often regarded as the most reliable healing spell, restoring hit points equivalent to 1d8 plus your spellcasting ability modifier.

Which ranger spells are good for offensive action in D&D 5e?

Hunter’s Mark and Lightning Arrow are potent offensive spells, increasing damage output and delivering ranged electric attacks, respectively.

What is an excellent defensive spell for the rangers in D&D 5e?

Barkskin is a valuable defensive spell, setting minimum AC to 16, which means you won’t be easy prey for your enemies.

Are there ranger spells in D&D 5e that control the battlefield?

Yes, Spike Growth and Plant Growth allow you to control terrain by creating a thorny cover or impeding movement, making them excellent for controlling battlefield space.


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