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Flail 5E Weapon [Crush Your Foes With This Brutal Weapon]

Flail 5e weapon explained
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/03/2024
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Dungeons and Dragons is an iconic game that thoroughly engages your imagination, providing endless opportunities for exploration, conquest, and camaraderie.

Throughout your adventures, you will come across an arsenal of weapons ready to arm your characters, coincidentally adding more depth to your gameplay. The flail 5e weapon is one such discovery you may uncover in your adventures.

Strength and strategy come hand in hand when it comes to mastering this medieval weapon. While perhaps not the most elegant or exotic armament in the game, the benefits of wielding this heavy-duty tool are nothing short of enticing.

Being knowledgeable about this potent piece’s capabilities can undoubtedly transform the way you navigate through the tumultuous terrains of Dungeons and Dragons.

What is Flail 5e?

The Flail 5e in the expansive universe of Dungeons and Dragons is a one-handed weapon that specializes in bludgeoning damage; it’s a potent tool that can play an instrumental role in your combats.

What is Flail 5e

This weapon consists of a handled chain with a weighted end used to strike enemies. Its straightforward yet impactful design begets consequences that can help turn tides during your battles within the game.

The flail’s unique concept dates back to medieval Europe, heightening its historical and strategic allure.

While it may seem like an intimidating piece to wield, getting versed with its aspects can redefine its complexity into simplicity for you. It does not require exceptional agility or finesse to wield, instead, it calls upon you to leverage your strength.

Thoroughly understanding this weapon will enhance not just how you engage with foes in combat but also how you align with allies. Remember, every detail counts when it comes to maximizing efficiency and impact on the battlefield.

The next time you encounter a flail 5e during your adventures or even decide to purchase one using gold pieces (GP), remember these key features.

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Digging Deeper Into The Flail 5e in D&D

The multifaceted world of Dungeons and Dragons allows players to immerse themselves in a fictitious medieval era, unlocking not just intriguing narratives but also ancient weapons.

Digging Deeper Into The Flail 5e in D&D

One such weapon that can power up your hero is the Flail 5e.

Let’s delve deeper into its characteristics, potentials, and the exciting opportunities it offers to redefine your gameplay strategy.

Unpacking the Basic Features of Flail 5e

Arming yourself with the correct weapon can make all the difference when navigating through battles in D&D.

Thus, understanding the nitty-gritty of your chosen weapon is crucial to employing effective strategies.

To shed some light on this martial melee weapon, let’s pinpoint an array of its significant features:

  • Type: Martial Melee Weapon
  • Cost: A reasonably priced at just 10 Gold Pieces (GP)
  • Weight: Weighing only 2 pounds, it’s light enough for one-handed use.
  • Damage: The flail can whack out a respectable 1d8 bludgeoning damage.
  • For experienced fighters with proficiency in martial weapons, they’ll find their proficiency bonus applies to their flail attacks as well.

These are only some features of this impressive weaponry that echoes medieval warfare times. The Flail 5e’s unique appeal comes from its straightforward yet effective design combined with the raw power it gives your characters.

Made specifically for characters strong in brute force rather than finesse or ranged skills, wielding a flail shows you’re ready to bring some serious hurt to your enemies.

Also worth mentioning is that despite being one-handed weapons, flails create fantastic combinations when paired with shields or utilized as off-hand weapons.

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Flail’s Characteristics

In the world of Dungeons and Dragons, the flail 5e shines due to its potency and practicality. This weapon inflicts more damage than a mace, making it an appealing option for characters with sufficient strength.

It indeed isn’t as versatile as a longsword or a battleaxe – two weapons that are considered among the gold-standards in D&D combat.

The flail requires you to have martial weapon proficiency. This slight hurdle aside, the level of damage output and control you gain with the flail makes it worth considering.

It emphasizes strength over dexterity, making it an appropriate choice for characters who have significant power.

Choosing a Flail

Choosing to engage with a flail is not about optimizing damage or versatility; it’s more about embracing its unique capabilities and aesthetics.

You might look at the specifications and feel a bit underwhelmed when you compare it to some other weapons in your arsenal.

However, using this weapon is an experience in itself! It’s for those who wish to feel the sheer power stemming from their own physical strength rather than relying on magic spells or ranged attacks.

It adds that flavor of brute force and direct engagement into your gameplay, enhancing immersion irrespective of optimal efficiency.

Flailing with a shield or off-hand

Coupling your flail with a shield can be quite beneficial. Not only will this provide you extra defense, but also give you more advantages in close ranges against enemies having ranged options.

Meanwhile, wielding another smaller weapon can further bolster your attack capabilities.

A dual-wielding approach enhances attacking capacity while maintaining a degree of protection—essentially reinforcing both offense and defense aspects concurrently!

On top of that perk, your character would look significantly awe-striking on the battlefield.

The spectacle of swinging a hefty ball-and-chain weapon alongside striding forward behind an imposing shield just brings out that sense of formidable presence and intimidation well, adding to your psychological edge in the game.

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Focus on Magical Flails

The versatility and power of a weapon increases tenfold when magic gets involved. The Flail 5e is no different with various magical flails for you to choose from.

This guide places significant emphasis on these magical renditions of the otherwise traditional weapon.

Whether you are a newbie trying your hand at an enchanted tool or a seasoned player seeking new magical avenues, these flails offer compelling choices.

What makes them fascinating is not only the extra damage they inflict but also the aura of intrigue that surrounds their usage.

Each magical flail has a history, and understanding it can add layers to your gameplay while resonating with your character’s ethos.

Limited Official Flails

It’s essential to note that there are only two official flails in the entire source books of Dungeons and Dragons.

While that might sound restrictive, it only opens up avenues for creativity across limitless horizons for your game.

For example, you can work alongside your Dungeon Master (DM) to create “homebrewed” or custom-made flails tailored to fit within specific narratives and characters in ways that blend rules, if not bending them slightly while not breaking them outright.

An official flail paves the way by setting necessary parameters – be it damage factors, cost implications or weight considerations.

Embarking upon creating original versions means working within these bounds while adding unique features or powers enhancing its value-in-use.

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Low-Tier Flails (Levels 3-5)

It’s easy to get drawn into the flashy whirl of magic weapons and overlook the humble, yet effective flail. However, any seasoned D&D player would tell you to add some personality and flair even to your low-tiered weapons.

Low-Tier Flails (Levels 3-5)

The concept of +1 magic weapons can feel monotonous and devoid of excitement.

Instead, how about choosing a weapon that doesn’t just boost damage or chance-to-hit roll but also carries a unique aesthetic appeal?

You might want to drop the ordinary and opt for something like the Vicious Flail.

This rare gem deals out an extra 7 damage when it lands a critical hit, thus adding a surprising edge at crucial combat moments.

Your proficiency bonus applies to attack rolls you make with this fiendishly efficient weapon, adding another feather in your adventurous cap.

Choosing from homebrew options? Consider a Thunderskull Flail – they’re rare but offer attunement.

Crafted from the petrified skull of a blue dragon wyrmling, this flail combines awe-inspiring visuals with raw power.

Critical hits with this beast deliver 1d8 thunder damage that echoes with an audible peal across your battlefield.

Once per day, you can slam it down for an area-of-effect thunderclap replicating the mighty Thunderwave spell at 2nd level damage—albeit with a slightly modified area of effect.

The low-tier flails here can add quite a punch (or smash) in your early D&D journey while keeping things unique and exciting beyond the standard “+1” magical items.

Mid-Tier Flails (Levels 6-14)

As your Dungeons and Dragons adventure progresses, you’ll level up, become more formidable, and need to equip yourself with more powerful weapons.

Mid-Tier Flails (Levels 6-14)

On this journey, some armaments stand out with an impressive array of features. The mid-tier flails are geared toward characters within levels 6 to 14.

These unique weapons possess upgrades that elevate their damage output and provide fighters with new strategic angles for all-out assault.

Sainted Censer (Homebrew)

The Sainted Censer is a specially curated flail designed for all you clerics or paladins out there.

This weapon possesses attributes aligned with the values of a true holy warrior. Classified as ‘very rare’, the Sainted Censer requires attunement to maximize its potential.

Featuring a +1 enhancement to attack and damage rolls, this flail isn’t just about unleashing devastation upon foes; it’s also about bestowing blessings upon allies.

Imagine you’re in the heat of combat when suddenly – divine red smoke from your Sainted Censer fills a 10-foot radius around you.

Named after the gracious Saint Malovar, this red smoke boosts your flail attacks with an additional +1d4 radiant damage.

If defensive gameplay is part of your strategy, emit the green smoke named after Saint Bulkward to gain a +1 bonus to your Armor Class (AC).

Meanwhile, the gold smoke of Saint Marwa gifts you or any ally within range with temporary hit points equal to 1d4 per round.

Whistling Flail

The Whistling Flail stands amidst the battlefield din, not as a mere weapon but an instrument of sheer control and domination.

Classified as a very rare find with a strong need for attunement, it sings a sweet song of victory for those fortunate enough to wield it.

Its idiosyncratic character lends it a unique aura among the diverse weaponry in Dungeons and Dragons.

With each swing, it provides you with a +2 boost to your attack and damage rolls, striking fear into the hearts of adversaries.

But that’s not all this fascinating tool has to offer. The Whistling Flail wields hypnotic abilities that pose significant threats to foes’ concentration.

Your enemies are compelled to fight off its influence through a DC10 Wisdom saving throw that gains intensity (+1 per turn) until they spiral into a stunned state, rendered helpless until their next move or if they are hit by an attack.

Wielding this flail is like orchestrating the battlefield, where the rhythm of your swings dictates how combat progresses—marking the Whistling Flail as a spectacular addition to your arsenal.

High Tier: The Flail of Tiamat (Levels 15+)

In the upper echelons of power within the world of D&D, there lies a weapon designed for heroes (and villains, if that’s your cup of tea!) who don’t just seek to win a battle; they plan to dominate it.

High Tier: The Flail of Tiamat (Levels 15+)

For the ones who breathe ambition, this is where the Flail of Tiamat makes its grand entry.

The presence of this flail resounds legend and prowess. With its intricately detailed heads etched to resemble the five heads of Tiamat herself, this flail isn’t just a weapon; it’s a statement.

Here’s what you can look forward to with the legendary Flail of Tiamat:

  • This flail isn’t just up for grabs; attunement is required to unlock its potential.
  • It brings to the table an impressive +3 bonus on attack and damage rolls.
  • Expect an additional devastating 5d4 damage (you get to pick what kind).
  • Release a breath weapon that casts out in a 90-foot cone.
  • Hold back adversaries with a DC 18 Dexterity saving throw
  • Leverage its raw power to deal whopping 14d6 damage (again, you pick the kind!)
  • Add your proficiency bonus straight onto your attack roll for enhanced precision.
  • Unleash havoc at will by switching between versatile elemental damage types.
  • Become famed or feared (or both!) for significant damage output that’ll become part of epic adventure tales!

Making the flail an extension of your ambitions can attract interest from or cause conflicts with those devoted to Tiamat. Nothing worth having comes easy, but remember: in D&D, choices create champions!

Whether you’re aiming for strategic play or raw power—the Flail of Tiamat delivers in full measure. Treat it well and let it lead you to victories that will echo across the dimensions.

FAQ About Flail 5e weapon

What is the Flail 5e in Dungeons & Dragons?

The Flail 5e is a martial melee weapon that deals with bludgeoning damage. It’s a one-handed weapon and requires a character to have martial proficiency to wield it effectively.

How much does the Flail 5e cost?

This weapon usually costs around 10 gold pieces (GP). However, its actual cost might be influenced by the circumstances in your game, such as availability or regional variations.

What kind of damage does the Flail 5e inflict?

The Flail 5e specialises in causing bludgeoning damage. On a successful attack, it can deal out 1d8 worth of this type of damage.

Can my character use a shield with a Flail 5e?

Yes, absolutely! As the flail is one-handed, you can equip a shield in your off-hand. This combo gives you an impressive combat presence by enhancing both offense and defense.

Is there any notable magical flail I should look out for?

The legendary “Flail of Tiamat” stands as one of the most powerful flails in the game, brimming with several impressive features like broader damage types and significant attack bonuses. Gaining access to it could drastically boost your power levels!


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