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Grell 5E Stats And Guide [Face These Dangerous Brain Predators]

Grell 5e Stats and Guide
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/05/2024
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In the sprawling universe of Dungeons and Dragons, a myriad of captivating creatures are waiting to be discovered.

Among these enigmatic beings, the grell 5e holds a unique charm that can create memorable encounters in your gaming sessions.

As you traverse the game’s expansive terrains, it pays to be acquainted with several creatures – allies or foes alike.

Understanding the statistics of the grell 5e can considerably enhance your D&D gaming experience. This guide aims to unveil the intricate specifics of this remarkable creature’s stats and abilities.

By doing so, you’ll not only gain useful insight, but will also have an upper hand in maneuvering through challenging in-game situations involving this incredibly interesting character.

Attributes of grell 5e

Welcome to the remarkable world of grell 5e, a creature that stands out vividly in the dense and diverse assembly of Dungeons and Dragons characters.

Attributes of grell 5e

Now, let’s delve into the core attributes that shape the robust persona of this fascinating entity.

Armor Class12
Hit Points55 (10d8 + 10)
Speed10 ft., fly 30 ft. (hover)
STR15 (+2)
DEX14 (+2)
CON13 (+1)
INT12 (+1)
WIS11 (+0)
CHA9 (-1)
SkillsPerception +4, Stealth +6
Damage ImmunitiesLightning
Condition ImmunitiesBlinded, Prone
SensesBlindsight 60 ft. (blind beyond this radius), Passive Perception 14
Challenge3 (700 XP)
Proficiency Bonus+2

What is a Grell 5e?

The grill is an intriguing creature in the Fifth Edition (5e) universe of Dungeons and Dragons.

What is a grell 5e

Bearing the semblance of a giant floating brain with a deadly beak and long tentacles, it can be an unexpected threat lurking in the shadows of your adventures.

Residing primarily in the dark under-caverns, these creatures are known for their ruthless hunting skills.

The grell’s main strength lies in its multi-attack feature, using both its stinger-tipped tentacles and sharp beak to strike terror into its adversaries.

Its tentacles are not just for attack; they are also great tools for grappling opponents, immobilizing them before launching a lethal attack with its beak.

Grells rely on their innate ability to float silently through the dark corridors, surprising their prey from behind or above.

Notably, each grell pursues its own interests and goals independently from other grells. This makes every individual encounter unique and unpredictable.

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Actions of Grell 5e

The Grell boasts an array of actions that it can utilize during combat in the Dungeons and Dragons 5e universe.

Actions of grell 5e

Lethal and swift, it has developed a repertoire of attacks that make it a formidable adversary.

The creature’s primary offensive tools include its tentacles, beak, and multi-attack abilities, each having their unique mechanics and effects.


In the realm of D&D 5e, Grells are notorious for their vicious two-pronged assault.

This creature can launch dual strikes to pose a greater threat to its enemies.

Specifically, the Grell performs one attack with its whip-like tentacles and follows up with a quick lash from its razor-sharp beak—making it an intimidating foe even for seasoned adventurers.


The tentacular attack is an essential part of the Grell’s combat strategy.

With a +4 hit bonus over a ten-foot reach, this creature possesses ample room to assault adversaries from a safe distance.

Every successful hit deals seven piercing damage points—an unpleasant surprise on any journey through the under-caverns.

Tentacles – Poison Effect

An encounter with a Grell might leave more than just physical wounds—it could also leave you poisoned.

After any successful tentacle strike, the adversary must make a constitution saving throw of DC 11 or risk being afflicted by poison—a condition that adds another layer of complexity in handling these deadly creatures.

Paralyzed Action

If poisoned by the Grell’s venomous strike, victims are subjected to paralysis that inhibits their actions significantly unless they pass additional saving throws in subsequent rounds.

This debilitating state highlights yet another threat posed by these formidable brain-shaped hunters—their ability to incapacitate while launching continual assaults.

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Grappled (escape DC 15); Medium, Restrained

Just when you think the danger is over in your duel with the Grell, you suddenly find yourself grappled in its slimy tentacles. It cunningly uses this tactic to restrict and immobilize its foes. Size doesn’t matter for a grell. Whether it’s small or medium-sized opponents, all are fair game for these creepy creatures.

A key point to remember: A successful escape from this grappling maneuver requires a Dexterity check against the monster’s difficulty class (DC), which is set at 15. Once trapped by a grell, your character enters a state of being restrained, limiting their speed to zero and imparting disadvantage on their dexterity saves.

Grell has the Advantage; They Can’t Attack Others

This fact is particularly distressing on the battlefield: while your character is ensnared in the demanding grip of grel

l’s tentacles, it gives no chance to redirect your offensive onto other combatants. You also provide an advantage to the Grell’s attacks; making yourself an even easier target.

The grell’s grasp considerably limits its captive’s ability to retaliate or deflect its impending assaults.

Grell’s Movement Drags Grappled Target

Another special trait you should keep an eye out for when encountering these dangerous creatures is their ability to move while carrying grappled targets along.

A Grell uses this tactic with ease and precision, confidently dragging its prey around without impacting its own spectral movement.


The grill’s beak is one formidable weapon that you do not want to underestimate.

Boasting +4 hit points and a reach of 5ft, this lethal appendage can cause significant damage –seven piercing points at each precise strike.

This adds yet another layer of danger wrapped around this floating menace that you’ll need to keep in mind.

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FAQs about grell 5e

Is a grell 5e easy to defeat?

The difficulty of defeating a grell relies heavily on the player’s level and their strategy. Grells have an advantage in combat because of their multi-attack abilities and paralyzing tentacles.

Does the grell speak any language?

Yes, grell speaks its unique language known as Grell. But it is worth noting that they can’t speak in any common language which can make communication difficult.

What kind of habitats does the grell prefer?

Grells typically prefer subterranean environments such as mines, dungeons, underground tunnels, and dark caves.

How does the grapple ability of a grell work?

A grell uses its tentacles to wrap around its target, restricting their dexterity and movement with an escape DC at 15.

What are some defensive strategies against a grell attack?

Intelligent targeting is crucial. Players should aim attacks at displacing its tentacles which it uses for grappling. Dungeons and Dragons also offer magic protections that allow players to guard against such enemies.


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