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Scythe 5E Weapon Explained [Reap Your Enemies Like Wheat]

Scythe 5E Weapon Explained
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 12/31/2023
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If you’re delving into the world of Dungeons and Dragons, you’ll soon discover there’s no shortage of weapons to equip your character with.

Everything from swords, axes, bows, and the lesser-known but exceptionally formidable Scythe 5E. Weapon selection in D&D is not just about what deals the most damage; it’s about choosing a weapon that fits your character’s story, skills, and personal flair.

The scythe 5E considered an unusual choice by some, can prove to be an unexpected game-changer on the battlefield.

Armed with its rich history and unique advantages that we’ll be unfolding today, your understanding of this weapon will deepen, helping you employ it strategically to enhance both the strength of your character and the narrative of your gameplay.

So whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting on this incredible journey into the fantastic realms of D&D, let’s shed light on how wielding this iconic weapon can shape up your adventure.

Scythe Attributes

When it comes to the attributes of a scythe in Dungeons and Dragons 5E, there are a few key features to consider.

Scythe Attributes

First and foremost, a scythe is typically a two-handed weapon, which means you’ll need to make sure your character has the necessary strength to wield it effectively.

Scythes are often associated with slashing damage, making them a great choice for characters who want to deal heavy damage to multiple foes at once.

Scythes often have the reach property, allowing you to attack enemies from a distance and keep them at bay. These attributes make the scythe a versatile and powerful weapon in the world of D&D.

TypeSimple Melee Weapon
Cost5 sp
Weight3 pounds
Damage1d4 piercing
PropertiesReach, two-handed

War Scythe Attributes

The War Scythe is a formidable variant of the scythe that finds its origins in warfare. With a longer and sharper blade, it is designed for battle rather than farming.

War Scythe Attributes

Its extended reach allows for greater versatility in combat, making it a favorite weapon among those who prefer to keep their opponents at a distance.

Its curved blade inflicts slashing damage, while the sharp tip can be used for piercing attacks. The War Scythe is a weapon that combines the functionality of a traditional scythe with the lethal power required for intense combat situations.

TypeMartial Melee Weapon
Cost5 gp
Weight5 pounds
Damage1d8 piercing or slashing
PropertiesReach, two-handed

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What is Scythe 5E?

The Scythe 5E takes its inspiration from a regular scythe – a tool most often recognized for its association with farming. You’ve likely seen images of farmers wielding these long, curved blades to mow down fields of wheat or hay.

What is Scythe 5E?

But don’t let its humble origins fool you! Just like a simple farming tool was transformed into the symbol for the Grim Reaper himself, it can also become a potent defensive tool in D&D.

Its design is straightforward yet effective: it features a long pole or shaft, at the end of which sits a sharp, curved blade positioned almost perpendicular to the pole.

This blade is perfect for broad sweeping motions, cutting through not only crops but opponents on your path, too. It’s not typically picked as a foremost weapon selection, but when handled rightly, it can effectively work up both piercing and sweeping damage.

In D&D, achieving victory isn’t just about possessing the fanciest magical abilities; sometimes, it starts with understanding and mindfully using what’s already in your arsenal.

Even something as unassuming as this common farming implement can become an instrument of tactical genius on this front.

How Does a Scythe Work?

A scythe is a fascinating tool-turned-weapon that is loaded with both historical and symbolic significance. Let’s unearth its origins and distinctive features that can make it an intriguing choice for your D&D character.

How Does a Scythe Work?
  • Origins in Agriculture: Unlike most weapons you might encounter in Dungeons and Dragons, the scythe wasn’t born on the battlefield; it originated as a farming tool. Used for centuries by farmers to cut swaths of grown hay, the scythe has humble beginnings, rooted deeply in practicality rather than warfare.
  • Structure and Mechanism: The predominant feature of a scythe is its razor-sharp blade extending perpendicularly from the pole. This formation allows you to execute widespread swings to affect multiple targets or make ‘stabbing’ attacks.
  • Symbolic Immortality: The scythe boasts iconic symbolism as it’s often linked with the grim reaper, representing mortality and the irreversible passage of time. This association has seeped into D&D gameplay, casting an intangible aura around characters that wield scythes.
  • Usage on The Battlefield: In times of desperation and conflict, impoverished farmers would use their trusty scythes as weapons. While they are awkward instruments for battle due to their design intending crop harvesting rather than combat, they can nonetheless offer unexpected advantages.
  • Scythes in Combat: The basic form of a scythe doesn’t top the damage charts, usually inflicting small piercing damage; however, its real strength lies in its reach. It can strike fear into adversaries from afar but isn’t typically regarded as an impressive weapon out of the box.

Every weapon choice narrates part of your character’s story. Although a Scythe seems unconventional when compared with stalwart choices like swords and axes, this farming instrument turned weapon with its rich background might be just what your character needs to be memorable.

the Magical Scythe Variants

Dungeons and Dragons presents a mystique world where players can equip their characters with more than just ordinary weapons.

the Magical Scythe Variants

Magic breathes life into the mundane, transforming your typical Scythe into truly formidable variants.

These aren’t just your average farming tools; they’re supernatural extensions of your character’s power, each variant showcasing unique characteristics that can turn the tide in any battle. Let’s take a closer look at some of these enchanting scythes.

Scythe of Eldritch Harvest

The Scythe of Eldritch Harvest is an embodiment of eeriness and potency. This isn’t a weapon for the faint-hearted. When you wield it upon an unsuspecting enemy, the scythe saps its vital force while invigorating you with equal energy.

It not only drains the life essence from its victims but also transfers this vitality to its owner. Time and again, this one-of-a-kind symbiotic relationship has proven to be a game-changer on countless exploratory quests.

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Celestial Reaping Scythe

On the complete spectral opposite, we have this luminous masterpiece – The Celestial Reaping Scythe. Fashioned from radiant celestial materials with blades shimmering like moonlight on crystal clear waters, it makes every stroke an ethereal spectacle.

When equipped, it cuts through dark magic like butter while effectuating light-infused damage to adversaries associated with evil or darkness. Strategic deployment in battles against vile creatures can lead your team to glorious victories.

Shadowstep Reaper

Then comes the elusive Shadowstep Reaper that marries fitness and finesse seamlessly together. Stealthy by nature, it empowers you to cloak yourself in shadows and strike when least expected.

From fading into dimly lit corners to appearing right behind enemies for a swift attack, adaptive maneuverability is where this scythe shines brightest in confrontational setups.

Frostbitten Scythe

Embrace the biting chill of winter with every combat swing of the Frostbitten Scythe. Its icy touch brings a freezing death upon foes, as the weapon is essentially born from an eternal snowstorm.

It adds an element of frost damage to your attacks, immobilizing opponents or slowing them down significantly. It is the perfect choice for adventurers who prefer a cool, calculated strategy that leaves adversaries frozen in their tracks.

Scythe of the Blood Moon

No list of mystical scythes could be complete without mentioning the Scythe of the Blood Moon. A weapon steeped in a lineage of dark magic, it’s a deadly adversary with blades as crimson as a wolf’s baying moon.

Whenever it draws blood, this lethal weapon amplifies its strength and strikes even harder at its victims.

Adding this to your arsenal can be invaluable when you’re cornered into dangerous situations, enabling you to deliver punishing blows that could mean the difference between victory and defeat.

Verdant Growth Scythe

For those who are in tune with nature, step forward and claim your Verdant Growth Scythe. More than just a weapon, it serves as a beacon of life amidst the death-strewn battlefields.

Each swing discharges seeds that bloom into healthier partners or thorny traps for your enemies. It bestows upon you the power to heal wounds with life’s vital essence, making it an excellent asset during cooperative encounters where direct combat may not be your primary role.

Radiant Soul Reaper

Light often symbolizes hope, purity, and divinity, all embodied by the Radiant Soul Reaper scythe. Its shining edge illuminates even the gloomiest battles while dealing radiant damage that counters shadowy adversaries effectively.

This unique feature also imbues additional protection against all forms of dark magic – enabling you not only to deal damage but also defend against it.

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Infernal Ember Scythe

From light to fire’s enigma, we now have on our list – The Infernal Ember Scythe, an instrument forged straight from hellfire’s heart.

This blazing weapon roasts opponents with fiery flare-ups, adding a burn effect par excellence to each attack sequence.

A significant advantage of this blazing tool is its ability to ignite surrounding flammable materials – setting up devastating fire-based traps for unprepared foes.

Arcane Arcanum Harvester

Is the Arcane Arcanum Harvester, a weapon of controlling powers. When you wield this arcane powerhouse, you gains access to virtually all magic schools’ spells.

With time and experience, you can master the ability to cast low to mid-level magic, allowing calculated strategy and versatile tactics in every battleground situation.

It’s the ideal scythe for adventurers valuing brains and brawn’s blend, delivering a decisive edge in combat situations diverse as they’re dynamic.

Abyssal Voidcleaver

Venture into the harrowing depths with the powerful Abyssal Voidcleaver. A weapon with a thirst for the cryptic dark energy, it carries the eerie whispers from the abyss.

Each stroke of this scythe can tear through reality, summoning miniature voids that swallow opponents to infuse them with debilitating darkness damage. It’s not just a grim tool of death; it’s your direct passport into your enemy’s worst nightmare.

Thunderstruck Scythe

The Thunderstruck Scythe crackles with raw power as tumultuous as a raging storm. This electrifying weapon discharges potent bolts of lightning, shocking your enemies to their very core.

You’re not merely battling with this deadly device in hand; you’re commanding the forces of nature themselves to unleash devastation upon whoever dares to oppose you.

Phoenix Flame Reaver

Imagine wielding an eternal flame that never goes out, introducing the Phoenix Flame Reaver. Just like its mythical namesake, this weapon embodies restoration and destruction in one stroke.

This scythe can lay waste to enemies by setting them ablaze and absorbing their health in return as it revives its wielder from calamitous health conditions during combat. It’s no mere flame; it’s rebirth and immolation all rolled into one fiery spectacle!

Lunar Eclipse Scythe

While sunlight often gets all the glory, many powers are lying hidden under the moonlight. Drawing energy from lunar phases, its destructive potential peaks during eclipse events.

In addition to dealing massive damage, it has the enchanting ability to cast mesmerizing spells replicating lunar gravitational pull, which can dramatically alter battlefield dynamics.

Stormcaller Reaper

For those who favor turbulent skies over serene blue ones, pick up Stormcaller Reaper. This storm-infused weapon calls upon cumulonimbus clouds and thunderbolts at whim.

Course through every combat situation like a hurricane, dealing consistent bludgeoning and electrical damage. When the calm of a simple melee strike is not enough, dial up a storm with this riveting reaper.

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Magmaforged Scythe

Embrace the earth’s fury with the Magmaforged Scythe forged under relentless volcanic flames; this Scythe’s fury is as uncontrollable as an erupting volcano.

Each attack generates waves of molten lava that can unwillingly restrain opponents while inflicting excruciating burn damage. This elemental embodiment is your ticket to turning any battlefield into a blazing arena of fire and fury.

FAQs About Scythe 5E Weapon

What is a Scythe 5E in Dungeons & Dragons?

The Scythe 5E is a weapon typically used by player characters in Dungeons & Dragons, known for its unique capabilities including high damage and extensive reach.

Can you use a Scythe as a weapon in D&D?

Yes! The Scythe has evolved from its traditional role as a farming tool to become an unconventional yet formidable weapon choice, specializing in delivering slashing attacks on enemies.

How well does the Scythe perform compared to other weapons?

The Scythe’s performance largely depends on how it’s utilized; although, indeed, it does not initially seem as powerful as classic weapons like swords or axes, magical variants can unlock incredibly potent abilities.

What are some of the magical scythed variants in D&D 5E?

Magical scythes include powerful and diverse options such as the Phoenix Flame Reaver, Abyssal Voidcleaver, Thunderstruck Scythe, and Frostbitten Scythe, each with their unique abilities and attributes.

Is there any historical symbolism attached to the Scythe?

Yes! The Scythe has long been associated symbolically with death and is often depicted being wielded by depictions of the Grim Reaper. In Dungeons and Dragons, this symbolism can serve to enhance character narratives.


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