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15 Best Martial Weapons 5E [Optimize Your Damage Output In DnD]

Best Martial Weapons 5e
  Written By: Ashish Arya
Updated On: 01/05/2024
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So, you’ve chosen your Dungeons & Dragons character and you’re ready to dive into the thick of an epic adventure, but don’t forget one crucial element – your weapon.

As a martial class in D&D 5e, the weapon you wield can mean the difference between triumph or a quick trip to the resurrection cleric.

Which one reigns supreme? This is where the list of best martial weapons 5e comes in handy.

This comprehensive guide details 15 of the best weapons that martial classes can wield in D&D 5e.

It’ll equip you with an understanding of what each weapon excels in – whether it’s dishing out crushing blows or showing predator-like precision. Time to arm up and prepare for battle.

Best Martial Weapons 5e

Stepping into the fantasy world of Dungeons & Dragons, your choice of weapon can elevate your game playing experience significantly.

Best Martial Weapons 5e

Choosing the right weapon for your character isn’t just about maximizing damage; it’s about optimizing your strategy.

Now, let’s delve into some of the best martial weapons for D&D 5e.


The Longsword is a versatile weapon. Versatility in D&D 5e refers to a weapon that can be used with one or both hands.

If you use the Longsword two-handed, you’re rolling a larger die for damage – pretty versatile indeed.

Being able to switch between hands is especially useful if you need to use a shield in certain situations.

The flavor text in the Player’s Handbook describes it as “an hour of work” to be proficient with this weapon, emphasizing that it’s easy to wield yet requires skill to master.

The Longsword inflicts considerable damage (1d8 slashing / 1d10 when wielded with two hands) and also offers players multiple paths of character progression.

Whether you choose to be deft and precise or powerful and lethal, the trusty Longsword stands by your side like an old friend.

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Known for its massive size and correspondingly substantial damage output, the Greatsword is another prime pick for D&D martial classes.


Originating from Medieval Europe, this two-handed behemoth scores high on the popularity chart among D&D players craving high-damage hits.

A Greatsword causes 2d6 slashing damage making it one of the highest potential average damages of any melee weapon in Dungeons & Dragons 5e.

It’s exactly what you imagine when you think about an epic warrior on a fantasy battlefield – massive blades cutting through enemies’ defenses like butter under hot sunlight.


Battleaxes in D&D are instruments of devastating force. Dealing 1d8 slashing damage (or 1d10 when held with both hands), these versatile weapons grant you power and flexibility in combat.

The unique aspect of a Battleaxe is its emphasis on brute strength; for every fierce fighter out there, it is an optimal choice.

Having a special ability to cleave through your enemies, generating grim satisfaction among players, makes the Battleaxe irreplaceable in the martial armory.

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Behold the Greataxe, the two-handed heavyweight of martial weapons.


Unleashing a whopping 1d12 slashing damage, it allows you to punch far above your weight hitting harder than almost any other weapon in your collections.

It’s perfect for those high-risk, high-reward situations where every point of damage counts and embodies what it truly means to be part of a martial class: pure power personified.


The Rapier is known for its quickness and precision; it’s a weapon of finesse rather than brute strength.

Stealing spotlight with its 1d8 piercing damage, Rapiers let you leverage your Dexterity instead of Strength during attacks. Its light-weight property enables swift back-and-forths in combat scenarios, imitating an elegant dance on the battlefield.

For those who prefer striking with utmost precision or love delivering critical hits while maintaining some personal flair distanced from mindless hacking and slashing—look no further.


Marrying blunt force with raw power—the Warhammer comes into play when facing heavily armored foes or thick-skinned monsters.


Dealing an impressive 1d8 bludgeoning damage (or 1d10 when held with both hands), they’re designed to dent armors and crack skeletons effectively.

Its versatile nature shifts battlefield dynamics significantly depending on whether you wield it single-handedly or double-handedly.

If warfare gets your adrenalin pumping, Warhammer is your instrument, striking fear into the hearts of foes and dismantling their defenses in swift succession.

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Pick up a Maul when you’re looking forward to raining heavy blows upon your foes. The Maul is exactly what it sounds like – a colossal weapon designed for swinging with both hands.

With its great weight to increase force, it deals an impressive 2d6 bludgeoning damage.

So when you get the opportunity and position to strike, your foes better run for cover.

This weapon works wonders against adversaries armored in plates or scales.


The Halberd is a fantastic choice when facing opponents who prefer to hide safely behind the frontline – thanks to its reach property.


This versatile polearm allows you to attack enemies 10 feet away without moving closer, giving you additional safety and control on the battlefield.

Inflicting 1d10 slashing damage, the Halberd offers excellent range coupled with significant damage potential and solid design.


Similar to the Halberd, the Glaive offers a reach of 10 feet and deals some potent slashing damages (1d10).

Great for keeping enemies at bay or cutting down ranged attackers hiding behind melee fighters.

This ancient European design that combines blade and pole gives you an edge in field control during battles – pun intended!


The Pike positions itself as one of the longest reach weapons available in D&D 5e.


With this superior range weapon in hand, you can keep foes at bay while dealing piercing damage from afar (1d10).

The heavy property indicates that it’s more suited for character builds that prioritize strength over dexterity but the reach advantage makes it an option worth considering.


If unpredictability is your game, then the Flail is your weapon of choice.

Unlike swords and axes, flails’ movements are notoriously hard to predict due to their chain-attached striking element providing versatility in strikes’ angle.

Damages killed with a Flail are bludgeoning type, and equates to formidable 1d8.

A flail doesn’t rely on sharpness; it’s all about the weight and force behind your swing, perfect for opponents in rigid armors.

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The Morningstar weapon delivers a humble punch with 1d8 piercing damage in D&D 5E. Known for its distinctive spiked metal head, it’s perfectly designed to puncture the toughest of enemy armors delivering substantial blows.


Hold it with one hand and let the magic unfurl on the battlefield. On top of its raw power, some players find its unique design more appealing for role-playing purposes than common swords or axes.

You may crave more variety in your character’s equipment? The Morningstar is a great fit!


Not just for Poseidon anymore! In D&D, tridents are versatile martial weapons that allow you to switch hands as the situation requires.

The Trident is capable of dealing 1d6 piercing damage if wielded one-handed and 1d8 with two hands giving you that much-needed flexibility during combat scenarios.

The aquatic-themed weapon can also be hurled at an enemy from up to 20 ft away or up to 60 ft with disadvantage making it valuable when engaging threats from a distance.


Ever desired to disarm an enemy Indiana Jones style? A whip could be the weapon of choice for your D&D character.


Offering a rare reach despite being a one-handed melee weapon, a whip allows you to attack from 10 feet away without moving into your opponent’s personal space which can be immensely beneficial in certain combats where maintaining distance is key.

While its damage output (1d4 slashing damage) may seem low comparatively, it compensates with utility turning every battle into an event where finesse outshines sheer power.


Boasting long reach and substantial damage potential, the Lance serves the mounted warrior exceptionally well in D&D 5e.

When used effectively on horseback or other beastly rides, opponents will feel the pointy disdain from this polearm before they can get within their own striking range.

A Lance deals 1d12 piercing damage per hit to any opponent foolhardy enough to cross its path but remember, it does require two hands unless you’re mounted.

Whether you’re charging into combat or staying at a lance’s length away, this weapon’s range and power ensure your character stays competitive on any battlefield.

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FAQs about martial weapons

What is a martial weapon in D&D?

Martial weapons in Dungeons & Dragons are those that require specialized training to handle correctly, including swords, axes, maces, and others.

Is a longbow considered as a martial weapon?

Yes, the longbow falls into the category of martial weapons in D&D 5e. It’s a ranged weapon requiring two hands to use.

Do all characters can have proficiency with martial weapons?

No, not all classes begin with proficiency in martial weapons. You’d typically have to be a member of a martial class to gain this benefit.

What does versatility mean in relation to D&D weapons?

A versatile weapon can be wielded with either one or two hands. The damage may increase when using both hands.

Why would someone choose the whip as a martial weapon as it has low damage?

The whip gives you reach without needing to move closer to an opponent – this utility and strategic advantage often compensates for its lower damage output.


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